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Browser Matrix

Bellow is the current browser support matrix for mylinkmaps.com which assigns a priority to browsers. High priority browsers are limited due to mylinkmaps.com being currently beta software. In the future as the user base increases more browsers will receive higher support.

Currently browsers are assigned a prority from 1 to 3, where as 3 is the lowest and 1 is the highest. No matter what level support your browser receives we would like to hear about any bugs or suggestions you have.

To make suggestions, report bugs contact us here.

For more information on browser support try:

  Win 98Win XPWin VistaMac 10.3.xMac 10.4
IE 7.0 11
IE 6.0 211
Firefox 2.* 21122
Firefox 1.5.* 3333
Opera 9.* 3233
Safari 2.0 33
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